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EML 101 (More Info Here)

1. EML 101 Big 3voice

A solid 3 voice bass

2. EML 101 Dark Sample and Hold

This sample is using Osc 1 feeding the sampler, and the filter Control is turned

up for Sampler Control. This produces the Sample and Hold Effect.

I am then modulating the filter pots as I play

3. EML 101 Swell 4 voice

All 4 voices with a slower attack time for the amplitude and the filter frequency

Amplitude is set to ENV1, and Filter Control is set to ENV 2 (a common setup)

4. EML 101 Slow Attack

All 4 voices with an Attack time set long


E-mu Systems Modular Synthesizer Sounds


The first example uses 2 of the Sawtooth Pulse Oscillator Modules as audio sources and uses 4 lowpass filters, 3 transient generators, and 3 VCA's. The large VCO is used for modulation source only. This creates a continuously evolving dark and swirly sound. Of course the Mixer module is used to mix the signals and create a stereo signal.

Dark & Swirly.wav

Adjusting the patch above to have a slow attack time and slow decay time. Also using three transient generators(envelopes) and VCA's so voices have different release times


Now creating a lead synth sound that is less swirly and tighter. Adding a touch of reverb, (Dual Reverb Module) so playing with stops so can hear the reverb trails. Added slight portamento effect with keyboard controls.

Reverb Lead.wav



This example uses three oscillators tuned tight for a tight bass

E-muLiquid Bass.wav


This example is a lead patch that uses Pulse width modification and filter frequency modulation to make a nice aggressive lead.

2 example wav files, Click to play or right click Open in new tab

E-mu Lead01.wav First Lead example covers 3 octaves so can clearly hear tracking very precisely across octaves.

E-mu Lead02.wav Second Lead example has a short lead and some pulsing beats

E-mu Super Bass.wav   

E-mu Random.wav







Sequential Circuits Prophet 5

Sound 1- Program 27 (1st Bank) A unison patch big and swirly Prophet5_27.mp3

above in wav format Prophet5_27.wav


Sound 2- Program 27 (1st Bank) Out of Unison, 5 note chord Prophet5_27_2.mp3

above in wav format Prophet5_27_2.wav


Sound 3 - Snarly- Program 32(1st Bank), Put in Unison and raise frequency Prophet5Snarly.mp3

above in wav format Prophet5Snarly.wav


Sound 4 - Scary- Program 57(2nd Bank), Bank50 2nd bank has sound effects Prophet5_57b2.mp3

above in wav format Prophet5_57b2.wav


Sequential Circuits Pro One

Pro One Bass Sound

Oberheim OB-Xa

Five Sound examples from the Oberheim OB-Xa recorded direct to computer 1/25/2013 (mp3 and wav formats)

---The first sound below is preset A6 and shows a 5 voice chord pad. Note the slight stereo pan. This unit has been adjusted to do this



--This sound is Preset C8 and is a unison patch with the modulation LFO set to Sample and Hold going to the filter cut off.



--The sound below is a basic bass patch preset D3 and shows off the bass capabilities of the OB-Xa



--The fourth sound is a dual preset 1. Press dual then 1. This shows how the OB-Xa can play two different sounds layered.



--The fifth and last sound below is preset D3 which is some blurpiness with a long decay



Oberheim OB-X

Four Sound examples (recorded 11/10/2012 directly from OB-X )

The first mp3 file is of the first preset A1 and shows how super fat 4 voices can be. The OB-X is in Unison mode so all 4 voices are used for each key press.

OBxPresetA1 MP3 file

The second mp3 file is of the second preset A2 and shows how the Sample and Hold can modulate the filter frequency to create some great sounding blurpy effects. The OB-X is in Unison mode so all 4 voices are used for each key press.

OBxPresetA2 MP3 file

The third mp3 file is of the preset A3 and shows how 4 voices can be sounded. Four octaves of the C key are played so you can hear each voice come in. The OB-X is not in Unison mode so you get 4 single voices.

OBxPresetA3 MP3 file

The fourth mp3 file is of the preset B1 and shows how super fat "Rush" like sounds can be made. The OB-X is in Unison mode so all 4 voices are used for each key press.

OBxPresetB1 MP3 file

modular synthesizer

This set of sounds were created on a MOTM style custom modular synthesizer.

They are sound effects that I classify as NOISE


MP3 Sound Files Below

Frequency Shifting Chaos 1 (.6 megabytes)

Frequency Shifting Chaos 2 (1 megabytes)


High Quality Aif Files Below

Frequency Shifting Chaos 1 (6.6 megabytes)

Frequency Shifting Chaos 2 (10.1 megabytes)


Modules used to make this NOISE

----MOTM 320 LFO & 420 VCF Modules

MOTM Synth site with details of these modules

-----Encore Frequency Shifter

Encore Electronics site with details of this module

----Blacet Chaos Generator

Blacet site with details of this module

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