Woodstockhausen 1999

This is a small electronic Music Festival that is held at Wayne Jackson's backyard up in the hills outside of Santa Cruz. One of my favorite places to jam up in the redwoods. This was the second year for the event. Silicon Breakdown was the opening act and we had a great time. Thanks to everyone for the help and looking forward to next year.

Download an MP3 of the song we did (Check the System)

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Above--Sound check for the band.

Noah ponders the stage while Will discusses the weather

Above--Stage Left ,That's a Prophet 600 on top of a Prophet VS on the far left. The middle box is Mad Science Exp#1. Inside is a Dark Star Chaos Noise Generator running through an Synthesis Technology MOTM 420 analog filter with some other stuff. At the right is a Joe Mox Xbase 09 (barely visible) and a Roland 8080 with a Fatar underneath.

Above--On the left stage we had a Yamaha 03d mixer and Will with his Big Briar Thermin kit he built and a Roland SH-5. In this photo, Will Puckett is plugging in something while Dwayne Ford offers his assistance with the lighting for the show.

James (left) and Noah (right) attempt to be serious. If all my gigs were like this I would quit my day job.

And lastly this is my artistic visualization of Woodstockhausen. It is a picture of an E4 sampler combined with some pictures of my garden veggies.