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I am the proud owner of a customized Oberheim 4 voice system built for Ronnie Montrose.

The top 2 voices in this picture belong to Gary Hull who also

assembled and wired the 4 voice for Ronnie. I am told that Ronnie would use foot switches to toggle

thru the sequencer steps while soloing over the top of it.

This is a six voice Oberheim SEM (synthesizer expander module)

Above--a very tall Oberheim, 2 voices on the top cabinet and 4 on the bottom

The 4 voice perched on a stack of racks.

Top row contains (left to right) a patch bay, a Oberheim DS2 mini sequencer, and 2 SEM modules.

repeat for 2nd row.

The bottom row contains a patch bay, mixer module, keyboard module, programmer and the power supply is on the bottom right.

Above-- Here I am investigating Hmmmm This is the power supply and it had failed on this beauty.

a look from the back.

The 4 blocks on the right are the SEM's. Notice I have 3 with dark green boards and one with a lighter colored board.

The top row here shows the power supply removed on the right and the programmer next to it unplugged.

A look a little further back shows the amount of wires and harnesses that make up the unit.

This is a close up of Gary's 2 voice SEM

The front reveals some strange hidden past. I am told it was rigged for guitar synth.

Packed up and ready to go

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