ARP/ Rhodes Chroma

The Rhodes Chroma synthesizer was designed by the team at Arp,

and built after Arp ceased to exist...

lots of info here on the Chroma Synthesizer

Here are some large 300 DPI pictures..


Above is a Chroma Analog Synthesizer

Chroma 2


Above, the left side

Chroma 3

Above, the right side of the Chroma

Above, the back side

Below is an angled view of the Chroma

Chroma 5

Below is a close up view of the Left Side of the Chroma

showing the main controls

Chroma 6

Below is a close up view of the main controls on the left of the Chroma


Chroma 7

Below is a close up view of the left side Program/Parameter Select Membranes

Chroma 9

Below is a larger view of the right side of Program / Parameter Select

Chroma 8

Below is a larger view of the Program Select/ Parameter Select

Chroma 10

Below is a close up of back side of the Chroma

Chroma 11

Below is the right side back of the Chroma keyboard

Chroma 12

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